If you are organising a conference, then we have created some top tips to help you find the perfect venue.

The Date

Organising the date is so important, making sure you know what days are best for your delegates. Try to avoid holiday periods, as this may be difficult for your delegates. Many popular days are close to the weekend. Therefore, your delegates can make a short holiday out of it, if it is somewhere where they would have to travel.

The Location

Choosing the location for your conference is an important aspect. It is recommended to host your conference in a main city. As there will be many hotels for your delegates to choose from. Having the conference in a city will mean there are good transportation links too. Therefore, it is easy for you and your delegates to access.

The venue

Identifying the best venue for your conference is crucial, making sure it has all the equipment needed for you and your delegates. Deciding on the venue can be difficult, as you need to make sure it fits all kinds of needs from your delegates. Making sure the room is large enough to accommodate your delegates comfortably is vital. This will factor on how much they enjoyed the conference. If they were uncomfortable, then they may not have a positive view of the conference, even if it was well presented. The Assembly Rooms have 6 conference suites available, accommodating from 2-550 delegates.

Offering refreshments and catering

Making your delegates feel at home is essential. Therefore by offering refreshments and catering, creates a friendlier atmosphere for the event.

Publicise the event

Making sure the event is known to everyone who is involved is crucial, allowing them to be reminded of the event regularly. This can be in different forms, whether it be social media, brochure or emails, it is essential to keep your delegates reminded of the most important information.

Set up a plan

Make sure your plan for the day has been thoroughly revised. Making sure the timings of the day is known to everyone involved and how long each speaker is allowed to have.

Book influential speakers

Booking influential speakers can be a great addition to the structure and the atmosphere of the day. If you do book them, make sure they are prepared on the topic of your conference, so they can build their speech around you.

Build a good relationship

Building a good relationship with the venue is essential. It allows you to finalise the event and organise the key details quick and stress-free.


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