We all know that weddings can be stressful, but they shouldn’t be! Your wedding day should just focus on the two of you. However, many want to make their wedding day perfect and one which will be remembered. Therefore, we have some tips to make your day unique.


Create welcome bags

Welcome bags are a great way to set the theme of your wedding, allowing you to take control of how you want the night to be. For example, you can provide props for your guests, this will allow them to use the props for photos etc. You could even create your own photo booth and allow your guests to use this to their advantage.


Child friendly stations

If you have children at the wedding, why not create a station for them to go to and play there. Stock the station with snacks, games and colouring books to keep them entertained for the night.


Create a well-planned seating plan

Make sure your seating plan is well thought out, making sure people know at least one person on their table. This will help ease the tension between your guests and also help them to make new friends throughout the meal. Once you have created it, don’t just place it on a board. Make sure you present it in a quirky way! If you have their photos why not make a collage for each table?



One unique idea that will help you view all the photos from your wedding day, is to create an Instagram hashtag. Make sure no one else has used that hashtag before, and when your friends post photos onto social media, ask them to use this hashtag. Therefore, all your friend’s photos are all in one place.


Create a song list

Creating a song list isn’t necessary as most weddings hire a DJ, however, make sure you have some songs wrote down that you definitely want playing. Whether those songs are yours and your partner’s songs or ones which you know all your guests will enjoy. It is good to have a few ready so you are able to hear your favourite songs on your special day.


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