It was the week Meghan and Harry got engaged! The press are calling it a modern fairytale… It all began with a blind date, set up by mutual friends neither one knew who the other really was. Perhaps this was the making of them?

A normal girl from California and the Prince of Great Britain we wish them all of the happiness in the world! And given their sense of humour, we’re guessing it will be a real knees up for the big day!

So it begins, the trend forecasting for the bride. Who will make it? What will it look like? Will it resemble Princess Dianna’s dress in anyway? Or Kates? May could be chilly, long sleeves? Lace? Will Charlotte and George be involved? Bridesmaids! Who will they be? Will she have any?! For all of the guessing in the world we will still be surprised when it comes around in May.

For those brides that may be having a not so Royal wedding and may not have numerous assistants falling over themselves to help you out for your big day, this is a little advice for you.

Well, just a reminder that you have bridesmaids. And we’re guessing you might have more than one. Delegate.

All of the silly little things that you don’t have time to do. They will want to help you out, and if they don’t, that’s none of our business…

Get them to collect friends/long lost family from the train station, get all of the personal necessities that you may be struggling to make time to collect, meet the flower lady, pick up all of your favorite nibbles and breakfast things… I’m sure you can think of a few other things.

Now prepare yourself for the biggest tip you will ever receive in the form of a short story

Late September this year I was lucky enough to be involved in a very beautiful wedding of a very good friend. While there were only two bridesmaids there was a very good team of friends surrounding the bride and every avenue was covered. But the best advice for bridesmaids looking to give their bride the most stress free morning pre-wedding…. Take their phone off them. Honestly just do it. I was witness to the groom on the phone asking where suits were, where bread baskets had got to?! Guests phoning and asking to be reminded which church, could they have a postcode?!?!?!

You see. It’s for the best. And on confiscation of said phone, turn it off. Really, what do they need it for?

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