In a recent meeting with some clients, who by the way are a charity, they have a date later in the year planned with us. It is going to be an excellent evening, the menu has been well thought out, table decorations planned to a tee, fundraising activities throughout the night, the list goes on…

Over the years the Assembly Rooms has hosted lots of charity events and we love having them here, you can always guarantee a great crowd attending and a wonderful atmosphere to go with it. Everyone is in a great mood and feeling generous!

As a venue we try to help as much as possible and we can arrange different rates for dinners, food etc for charity functions coming in. One idea, although just a small one is that cocktails on the evening of the event are sold with £1 donated to the charity of choice for every one sold. Everyone doesn’t mind getting a few of those in! Another little idea was to have jars with coin holes on the top for those with loose change to drop in if they are feeling a little more generous, it’s a bit less in your face than rattling a bucket at the end of the evening… Just saying.

If you need to arrange a charity function at any stage, give us a call and we can see what we can do for you? We’d love to help out, especially for a good cause 🙂


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