New Years Eve – goals – homelessness

Tis the season to be jolly. At this time of year we start to get those sorts of ‘feels’… The festive season brings a certain togetherness and generosity, the need to catch up with old friends, sorting gifts for the masses and wrapping even bars of chocolate within an inch of their lives!

We may start to take on something I’d like to describe as outward generosity, frivolous spending for the sake of it. Or feeling the need to contribute to charity or worse. Give to the needy. Now, I can imagine not everyone will have enjoyed that last statement but please do not shoot the messenger and hear me out…

Recently I heard a chap speak from Crisis about the homelessness in Newcastle. No matter where you come from or where you live you will have seen homelessness first hand or even experienced it. I expected a call to donate or encouragement to pitch up and give time/money/clothes for said charity. That’s not what we were being informed about.

96% of those sitting on street corners, under bypasses or outright asking for money from the unsuspecting waiting for buses in Newcastle, are in fact, not homeless. They are those with addictions, asking the willingly helpful and good-natured to part with their ‘spare change’ to seemingly ‘help them out’.

Crisis told us to please, DO NOT give these people our money but instead donate to the charity. As every time we give our ‘helpful, much needed money’ we are only fueling addictions. So I am a mere messenger passing it on, in your festive mood of generosity, peace love and joy to all please if you wish to help out the homeless of Newcastle give to

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